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April 17, 2008


I LOVE them! (and their cheese!) Thanks for stopping by my little corner of blogland.

OMG! That is too cute! I thought the other pictures were cute but these guys are just truly adorable. Good luck with the Softie Awards! I'm also just wondering if they are all handsewn or a mix of machine and hand? Just curious. I love them!

The mice are a combination of machine and handsewing and all the food is handsewn and all the patterns were made by me. I love sewing by hand so these sort of tiny projects are perfect for me!

I love them! I too am a big "self-critic" and I didn't enter because I told myself that no one wants to see my bunny, pig, or monkey softy. They aren't terribly original...(I mean they are original and they are mine - but probably not special enough). Maybe I'll get up enough courage next year! :)

The group shots are great, I cant tell you how much i love them! I think the whole athmosphere you created is wonderful, never mind how awesome the softies are!

YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Go Lisa Go :)

Those mice are fabulous, well done! And congrats on beating your critic, it's a tough thing to do.

Thanks for your comment on my Pasta post. If it's any consolation, I tried to make ravioli and it turned out a big mess :)

I never thought I would want mice at a picnic, but now it seems silly that I wouldn't ask them to come along because they are just too darn cute!!!!

I love them!
The picnic details are a great touch. I think stuffed cheese should be the next toy to take the world by storm.

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