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October 19, 2008


Disregarding any regional bias I may have had instilled in my Harmac effluence-filled genes Nanaimo Bars are among my very top tier of dessert favourites.

A nearby bakery does a very passable version that calls to me every couple of months or so. Not as good as your recipe, I'm sure. Or, of course, my mom's. But close enough for the girl's we go out with.

What beauties! I'm not familiar with Nanaimo Bars but the recipe is making me drool. Even sweeter that the recipe is from your Nanny!

I have this SAME recipe and remember it from childhood like it was yesterday. My Mom called it something else but a question... Where can I find Bird's custard powder???? Enjoy!! Val

Here in Canada the custard powder is usually found in a round tin near the puddings or sometimes it's in the baking aisle near the cocoa.

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