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March 01, 2011


These monthly lists are always fascinating. This month seems to have been.....challenging for you! But yay for a break from teething. Perhaps a learning tower will make mama a little less worried and Adeline a little more independent.
And maybe it's time to introduce a potty now she can undo a diaper...nothing like finding a kiddo in her cot fingerpainting...*ahem*

So sweet! It's lovely to read these updates.

My daughter also had a brief period where she didn't want her feet to touch the ground. I have noticed that, now that she's older and can communicate what is going on, she gets growing pains about every six months, when she has a growth spurt. It makes me wonder if that was what was going on when she was 18 months, and she just couldn't describe it yet.

Our girl is a firecracker and I love her games. Wonder if I can think up a new one for the weekend. See you tomorrow.
love you guys

We received a learning tower when our daughter was about Adeline's age. Previous to that, we did the precarious stool acrobatics. I initially thought the tower was ridiculous, but it turns out it's completely awesome and we use it absolutely every day. You'll get used to it right away, but I guarantee your guests will slam their toes on it whenever they walk by. Still, totally worth it.

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