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March 10, 2011


Oh dear! Get well. I remember once having the flu when my oldest daughter was three, and we were all so sick, we just laid on the couch and fell asleep hoping for the best. All I remember was waking up a few times and the Shinning Time Station being on what seemed like and eternity.
Hang in there and get well.

Yes, hope you get better soon....Matteo and I were sick last week and it was awful....we had bad colds, lots of congestion and I was definitely worried with my ability to care for him, and yes, he too, despite being sick still had energy for playing while I just wanted to sleep!!! fun for sure....!

because boys with skateboards ARE cool!! Annie loves them too... yikes...
Hope you are all over the nastiness. It is amazing how children have the energy while you are dying and they are sick!!! Been there and not interested in visiting again!!
See you soon!!!!

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