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April 24, 2011


What a different a year made, Adeline is full time todler now, and the picture before last one, is perfect as Easter advertising purpose, full of nature beauty, she is. Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, such beautiful photos!! now did you make that Easter bunny too!! uhhhhmmmmm

Your asparagus tart looks divine! LOVE Adeline's dress. She looks so Easter sweet!

Lisa did make that lovely lamb. I think she's called "Fancy Baa", to differentiate her from just plain "Baa", another-but-completely-different handmade lamb that Adeline sleeps beside.

. . . And, as always, I agree 100% with everything Mimi Lam says!

Wow - she has grown a lot - very much a little girl now and looking very sweet with her bangs

Oh, so much fun! Glad you had such a wonderful second Easter!! Keep enjoying the chocolate, Adeline... Jenna shares your love! BTW, we'd all love to see the photo of David in the ears! : )

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