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April 21, 2014


You are so talented, Lisa. Both are adorable and soon to be even more adorable with your little bundle of joy filling them! I really love the sweater - what a treasure. Hope all is going well in your dash to get ready.

The sweater and bonnet are both adorable! You new little one will look absolutely beautiful in them. Oh to have the ability to knit and sew like this. I hope the early May dates come through for you but do so feel your disappointment for late April. Hang in there, you'll be leaving soon.
P.S. Just wanted to let you know that I couldn't access your test post from your tablet on either my laptop or iPad. Let us know when you try again.

The sweater and bonnet are completely adorable!

Best wishes for safe travels and getting your new daughter home soon. I've been reading your blog since before you brought Adeline home. It's nice to see your happy family grow!

Beautiful sweater and bonnet!!…a great way to pass the wait for sure!…sorry about your delay but as you said, maybe will give you a wee more time to settle a few things and not feel so harried….and do not fear soon, she too will be in your arms and will be with you for the rest of her life!! Thank you for keeping us in the loop and sharing your journey!!

Wow so much faster than you were expecting! I know the delays must be torture though. But oh so close to being over and being a family of four! I cannot wait to see photos of her in her parents arms!

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