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April 24, 2014


My middle name is worry! I tend to put the cart before the horse as well! Measles, not sure what to suggest but during chemo I got some H1N1 masks from London Drugs. I didn't use them but the pharmacist said they were way better than the flimsy ones. The stroller - I have seen families gate or ramp check double wide strollers! I don't know if you have to be last off at the other end but with long layovers this might help pass time. If others can gate check double wides you should be able to check yours! In flight entertainment - download a bunch of movies or podcasts of children's shows for you big girl. I don't know how much you restrict screen time at home but at 35,000 feet, heck what does it matter! I have heard other parents have lots of new little toys, games etc to keep kids occupied. The reusable story board stickers are great. Buy a couple of the cameras with the 35mm film in them, the ones you turn in for processing, for Adeline to use in Vietnam. She can then take photos of her trip. T*rget sell Eddie Bauer backpack harnesses. I will try to email you a link. These are great for allowing little ones some freedom at the airport. They don't look like a harness at all and are so cute. Oh, I don't advocate drugs, but children's Gravol is a great sleep aid so I am told. Sorry, for the long post and all the advice or ideas but right now it keeps my mind busy. Got mixed news today. Losing elephant, buy him a long, bright polka dot belt at Joe at Uptown ($1.99) and use it as a leash with a collar. My sister used to walk her seal like this at Adeline's age, then tie him to the stroller! Take copies of paperwork. One adoptive mum in the USA made it all the way back from India and on a layover in the states had her carry- on stolen. Don't want to worry on this one but couldn't believe when the thief saw all the adoption paperwork he or she was jerk enough not to leave it where anybody even a cleaner could find it. Hooray for the girl with dual citizenship! That is fantastic she is able to hold dual citizenship and gives her opportunities in the future. You will be fine and so in love with all the changes that less sleep won't even bother you! So, so, excited for you! Please take lots of pictures for all your followers. Again, sorry for the length but I guess I am living vicariously through you tonight.

Link to backpack harnesses
They are so cute. Bought two for my friend's twins. Even if you don't like harnesses which a mutual friend frowned upon, these are adorable. Check if Tillicum location still carries them.

Hi Lisa, ditto to everything you are worrying about…it is so normal to worry, life is unpredictable, the adoption journey even mores….for me worrying is good as it helps me to plan the best I can and then leave the rest and trust I'll be able to deal with whatever is handed to me….when I travelled for Matteo, I tried to think of it as a grand adventure, adrenalin got me through most of it, and held my breath for some of it…but looking back we were very lucky, it all went more smoothly than it had for others, so gratitude was key!! and I won't even discuss money and all the "additional" costs ….!! all of that bothered me more before I held Matteo than after….however on a positive note…if you have booked your trip then you are moving forward and so glad to hear Adeline is joining you….!! so exciting!!!

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