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April 25, 2014


So sweet! When I taught kindergarten I had a little girl bring her stuffed lamb to school every day. Like you, he could sit and watch her and listen, but couldn't interrupt her learning. In January she fell out of the car and landed in a Vancouver puddle! Mum was struggling to take lamb home and there were tears! I convinced this little one that in order to be nice and white and fluffy again he bedded a bubble bath (trip through the washing machine) as soon as possible. I love this age. It worked. Home it went with mum. I was just trying to help get it clean but I never saw lamb again! This girl is now in grade eight and a great kid! I LOVE how Adeline chose a lovie for her new baby sister. Great idea!

Hi Lisa, as you know Matteo too has a stuffy, a giraffe and yes he twirls the tail!!…and yes I too worry about losing it because you can't buy them anymore…I"ve looked and looked, some on ebay but not deliverable to Canada, just in case he loses it….and sounds like we have similar rules….as we have almost lost Bao at Ikea, in the grocery store, so Bao stays in the car and yes accompanies Matteo when he needs some additional support to daycare but then I take it in the car…it helped with all of his transitions…Bao means protection, it was and is Matteo's middle name, so he definitely turns to Bao for comfort and support esp. when he is upset and yes must have him for sleep, though he sleeps fine at daycare without Bao….I have been trying to decide on a stuffie for our new little one (should that ever happen) and have been thinking of an elephant!!…..for your trip, have you considered buying a second elephant to store? just in case? I sure wish I had purchased a second giraffe!!

Yes, we do have an extra elephant and we've been switching them out for years, so he's just as flat and worn as the current favourite. I just need to remember to give him 4 orange stitches in his bottom to make him a total twin. He will be buried deep in the luggage for emergencies.

Francesca - if you're looking for an elephant stuffie, Adeline highly recommends the Ty Pluffy Elephant. He really is a lovely cuddly friend and they've been consistently available in the stores for the past 4 years. Is this Bao in the picture in this post? If it is it looks identical to the giraffe Adeline picked out for her sister. If you see in our photos that it's the same one, I'd be happy to go get you one and send it to you, as the store here had lots of them.

Hi Lisa, thank you…Bao is a gund stuffy (see link above) that they don't make anymore….but the giraffe that you just bought, we do have, it was a gift and we consider her Bao's mommy……and yes I am definitely considering the elephant that Adeline has!! thank you

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