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April 16, 2014


oh my goodness gracious!! Does this mean you're all going??? so super excited and yes I hear you...definitely important to have a few of those things set up, but hey, more important to have your second girl in her family's arms!! so excited for you!! and praying you get all the more important things done and that all goes smoothly in vietnam...I wouldn't be sleeping either!!

Oh my goodness as well! Try not to worry about things like the crib and car seat and having the nursery set up with baby clothes etc. Get the visas aand as many of the shots as you can and get on a plane to go get your little one. You will figure out all the practical stuff at this end when you get back and have more time to decorate. A port-a-crib for a couple of weeks or so would be fine. It is easy for me to say all this, but like you I would want the nursery, crib, clothes and everything perfect for returning home. When you say visas is that to get into Vietnam or to bring your little one home? If it is to bring her home can your MLA or MP help expedite the process with CIC? Please keep us posted! How exciting! I wouldn't be sleeping either and yes, stress! Yikes, you didn't get too much notice on this!

Thanks you guys! Yes, I know that all that's important is to bring home our girl and the rest will work itself out. The visa we need is to enter Vietnam and we'll be cutting it VERY close, but we should have it in time. No, we WILL have it in time, because the embassy says it will happen and IT WILL BE SO.


So thankful for my Mom who is having Adeline over for an epic amount of sleepovers this week and who has talked me down a few times already.

Back to packing...

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