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August 02, 2014


I think everyone had a great time. Even Vivi got in on the fun. I hardly saw Adeline as she was just so busy playing with all her friends and just having fun.
love ya

A big Happy Birthday to Adeline. And wow you did some amazing things for the party! You're a super mom:)

Happy Birthday Adeline! from me and Matteo!! Looks like you had two fabulous parties!!

Happy Birthday Adeline! You have the greatest parties. Your mum and dad are so clever with the decorations and theme. The SPCA will be very grateful for your donation and so will the cats and dogs that you helped. Enjoy the rest of the summer. I know you will live Kindergarten!
Best wishes,

You are amazing, the cupcakes blew me away!

I've been quietly reading Little Acorn since you brought Adeline home, she has certainly become a sweet, loving little girl and I know you must be so proud of her!

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