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February 11, 2008


oh, this is too perfect - thank you so much for sharing!!

THANK YOU!!! You are the best!

Wow! I'm very impressed.

I am just dying over here! Like, literally hyperventilating and vibrating on my chair from the excitement. SQUIRRELS!! Valentine's squirrels!!! I have been loving all of the paper cuts people are doing but didn't see a pattern I really wanted to spend the time making. But this is the queen of all valentines and cutouts- combined! I am slightly obsessed with squirrels and this has made my entire month! Thank You!



I'm glad you're feeling the squirrely love! If anyone makes one I'd love to see it!

I am SO happy about this. Thanks for the love!

What a charming design!

If only my printer worked!!

If only my printer worked!!

Thank you, that is too much squirelly cuteness! Off to find a sharp instrument right now...

you have personally turned around what was my deep distain for squirrels... the distain was personal (they used to break into my apartment and steal my stuff)

thank you so much for this awesome cut out!


Your squirrel valentine is the sweetest, so nice of you to share.
Thanx oxo

beautiful design. hope to try it, but will definitely add a link from my blog.

Wonderful! Thank you *so* much!

That is so cute! I have a lovebird pattern on my blog. I love Valentine papercuts! Thanks for sharing! My husband is tired of tiny pieces of paper littering our living room but I think I need to make *just one more*. :)

It just so happens that I belong to the Acorn Bookclub with my Mom who turns 79 tomorrow! A squirrely birthday wonderful.
A huge thank you and wild hugs from Oklahoma

Happy Birthday Mary T's Mom!

these are sooooo great. thanks for the pdf. that was very generous of you.

I liked it so much that I've already made three. Thank you!!!

Oh, my god. I LOVE this. My fiance is obsessed with Squirrels and I believe he will be pleasantly surprised later this evening...

Thanks for the pattern! I made this (my first papercut) for my husband and it turned out great!

thanks for sharing! I've been dying to cut my fingers to shreds with a papercut picture!

Thanks so much for sharing this, it is so lovely. I will definately send you a pick of how mine turns out :)

This is a gorgeous Scherenschnitt! Thank your for sharing!
Warmest wishes from Germany sends

oh,this is so beautiful!! i love the tone-on-tone paper, too. but the design itself is very impressive. i didn't think that paper cutting would be so easy. i'm a little doubtful, but it's lovely enought hat i'm going to try it! thanks!

wow great post thanks!!! i really like the pics too...

interesitng stuff ;)

Good Work, thanks for sharing this information!

Great and beautiful page I liked a lot thanks for sharing us.

Is a great work I liked a lot is beautiful.

Happy Valentine's day! Wish you good luck, and happiness.

very nice

This is lovely- thank you! It will make such a cute Christmas decoration at half size- little red squirrels in a pine tree... perfect! I am obsessed with Danish-style papercuts at the moment, and this will be such a good way to get started.

Fantastic craft - thanks for sharing! :)

O.O thank you!
the squirrels are so sweet! <3
this was also great for my papercutting beginner-ness :D

How generous you are to share this great pattern. I can't wait to try it out. It's beautiful!

Lovely design!!

This is great so cute and adorable i like it. :)


This is great so cute and adorable i like it

Barbed celestial being, could survive in the desert of stubborn, it is a kind of attitude to life!

Remember to protect your work surface and your hands - those blades are SHARP!

oh, this is too perfect - thank you so much for sharing!!

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haha, that's way too cute. I'll have to do this for my girlfriend for Valentine's Day. Thanks for the idea!

I fear this Valentine day. This day makes me Bankrupt.

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Thanks for this great tip. Its a cool idea to make your valentine day special.

Fafa Aniston.

love this print it would be perfect in my room

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