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February 14, 2008


That sounds so good. Since being on my healthy eating kick I haven't had any mayonnaise, and I miss it so!

We've been trying to eat better too, so this was definitely a once-a-year type meal. I can't say I miss mayonnaise all that much, but I do miss good cheese and butter. We still eat everything once in awhile, but we're working on the concept of "lots of fruits and vegetables and everything else in moderation".

Congratulations for this recipe.
The recipe you described is the Provencal (french) version.
The Catalan version doesnt contain neither egg nor mustard.
It's made in a mortar with only oil garlic and salt. Some Catalans would add bread crumbles.

"Mahonesa" was discovered by napoleon troups when they invaded Spain. It comes from a village called Mahon located in the island of Minorca.

Thanks for your recipe.
My grandfather used to make ”all-i-oli” (literally “garlic & oil” in Valenciano or Catalan language) in a large mortar made of marble that had belonged to his mother. He used garlic cloves, one egg yolk, extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and a few drops of lemon. Usually I use the same recipe and morter.
In my place of origin –Valencia, Spain- are a lot of superstitions about the making-up of this recipe for the ingredients thicken well, as “the number of garlic cloves must be always odd”, “nobody can watch how it prepares the all-i-oli”, or “pregnant women or with menstruation never goes well this recipe”.

yum!! I'll try this for sure!!
I am interested in the plate you are displaying. I collect Myott "Royal Mail", and Johnson Brothers "Friendly Village". Your plate looks similar to one of these, but I can't make out the pattern.

i need this now!!!

Thanks for all your information on aioli everyone!

Donna - my plate is Johnson Brothers "Cotswold". My grandmother had a whole set and when she died no one wanted it, so it went to the thrift store except for the two platters that I have. Now I'm trying to collect it wherever I see it as I really want to be able to serve Christmas dinner on it, just like my grandmother always did.

I don't know how many times I've tried to make aioli -I love provencal cuisine- but it's always been a flop because I would make it in my tiny little marble mortar. I'm defiantely going to give into the quick and dirty method of using the food processor and hope for results as good as yours! Glad I found your blog!

What is a good recipe for aioli to be served with filet mignon?

Looks very tasty

What is a good recipe for aioli to be served with filet mignon

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