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February 06, 2008


omg I'm laughing now. Painful gas giving vegies are probably the ones to avoid. I'm thinking of signing us up to an organic food delivery because we could do with vegies and we're not going to go out to buy them. But the stuff they give you in winter can be...different. You're certainly braver than me to try them.

I wussed out after a few spoonfuls, but David plowed through a bowl and half, declaring it "alright", but then he's not fussy about what he eats at all. At the end of the meal he proclaimed "I ate it, but I don't ever need it again" and the next morning the only thing he could say was "Toxic. I don't want to talk about it".

LOL men are pathetic. They eat anything then suffer the consequences.

I'll remember to avoid those! Odd how talk of vegetables always seems to spiral quickly out of control. I post about some pretty vegetables that I find, and all the comments turned into talk of various bodily functions. And most of those comments were from members of my own family. We"re a classy bunch!
Other than the Jerusalem Artichokes, have you gotten a lot of good stuff? I keep thinking I'd like to sign up at our local CSA, or at least grow a few things myself.

We get some great stuff, even in the winter. Salad greens every week, lots of exotic and DELICIOUS potatoes and squashes and I've discovered some vegetables that I really like now, like kale and chard.

I've never seen them that colour!
I like the sound of your box with eggs and bread.
We get a box each week and it has made us try things your wouldn't normally even think about buying.
I have to admit I don't like jerusalem artichokes and we can exclude stuff from our box.

Oh, this made me laugh so hard, thank you!

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