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May 07, 2008


congrats on the win. Lots of cute things but yours were the best.

Yes! Well deserved Lisa.
I hope you capitalize on this now and hit the TV chat show and talk radio circuit. Oprah here you come!

Usually just a blog-stalker, but I had to say congratulations! I was hoping you'd win!

Was there every any doubt?

(Actually, yes, because the competition was of such uniformly high quality. So way to go!)


{I didn't think those mice could get any cuter but that party hat is just adorable!}

Way to go Lisa.


Congratulations Lisa! The Mice truly are adorable!

hooray! i'm so glad that someone i voted for won! well-deserved, i loved those mice at their cheesy picnic!

How could they not have? And the party hat!!!


(love the cute ,little party hat!)

It's so nice (I'm so not surprise...they were adorable!) that you won :)
I love your picture: SO SO CUTE!

Congratulations!! Those mice were just too cute, they had to win! Have a great party!

congrats! can't get over the party hat on this guy!

Woo Hoo!!!!!!

Thanks for all the woo-hooing everyone! Winning was exciting, but reading all your comments was even better!!!

Awesome! That is so great! Love this photo and good on ya!

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