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June 12, 2008


Wow! I hadn't been by to visit in awhile and I can see that I've missed alot! Congratulations on your celebratory mice! It's clear you put alot of work into them and it paid off. Hooray!

What cute little softies on the cover!

OH! what a generous idea. If I win I promise to make a softie right away!!
Congratulations on your win!

Congratulations on your wee mice! I'd love to try my hand at making softies, and this kit would be a great way to start!

Oh My Gosh...I'd love to win this book. I don't have one Softie Book...I just sort of make up mine as I go. It would be nice to see what other people have designed! Wish me Luck! :)

Sounds wonderful! A great way to visit the land of softies.

The fact you want to pass it as this is not your first kit, says a lot of you!

Thanks so much for give us uch a chance, no only for having one of this wonders...but to share one of your prizes: )))


congrats on your creation of mice winning the softie awards. i have been reading your blog for a short while and find it very fun to see what you do next.

It does seem sort of funny that the prize for having made amazing softies is a beginner's kit.

your softies kit looks cute, but that's too bad that you already have one!

congratulations! it's an honor being recognized. thank you for sharing.

I voted for your mice and was happy to see that they won. So cute!

Great work, loved your little mousies! Maybe if I won the kit I could crank out some cuties of my own!

I love the little mice! And it's really wonderful they've found a nice home. I'm sure they'll be appreciated! :)

Thank you so much for sharing this with us. I loved the mice and would love to have a softie pattern to create something special.

You're mice were just so cute. I'm realy glad that you won! It's nice of you to share your prize as a giveaway! And happy 104th post!

Can't pass this opportunity up. Thanks for offering it!

your mice were so cute! they totally deserved to win!!!

My kids would love anything I made out of that book! I'm sad the mice don't get to live with you, but happy they're going to a good home. They were incredible!

Yay you won!!! I hoped that you would :o)

I have never made a softie before but I think I could if I had some time. I'm sure my kids would love one :o)

That's so generous of you! But I'm sad that you didn't get a prize you could keep. Of course, winning is probably prize enough.

HI! I am a frequent reader of your blog. I just love it! Congrats on the softies win, it was awesome. Thank you for giving away your prize! That is very thoughtful!

oh pick me! pick me!

oh pick me! pick me!

Such a cool book! I didn't see it in Montreal yet. I'm curious, when they say instructions and tools...what are the tools??? Take care xox

Thanks for sharing with us!

I would love to have a try at making a softie! They are so sweet! Have a good Canada Day next week!

Softie! Softie! Pretty please pick me.

Congratulations on your well deserved win! I thought you did a wonderful job, very creative. I would love to try my hand at softies. Thank you for the chance ;)

Lisa, I found your site while looking for a "long ago Bassett Hound panel" - you wrote "He was a sorrowful basset hound (one of those pre-printed panels that you sewed together and stuffed like a pillow) that my aunt had made for a school ... and that's why I just couldn't pass up this little stack of vintage seventies ..."

Do you still have any left and if so would you be willing to sell one ? My 46 year old daughter had one and lost it and has never stopped talking about it. Thanks, Leetta

Sorry Leetta, I don't or I'd be happy to share.

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