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September 22, 2008


I love the feather and fan. It is beautiful.

I am a total novice at knitting and I think this is just beautiful! I just might have to try this when I'm done with my current project. Beautiful! And you model is lovely too :)

Thanks so much ....I had so many feelings with this post, until now I couldnĀ“t post mine...ealthy problems, as usually! It is only written in spanish by now, but I promiss you translate asap!!
Thank you very much !!!



Late to the party, but just found this, started it, and love it!

It's really my first "pattern" although I'm working on cables on another scarf.


I found this pattern a year ago and have only just got round to using it. I have also had some sock wool for about a year, so the two go together very well.

So far I have kniited around 6 inches of the scarf and it looks amazing, really complicated but so easy to knit as the post says.

The yarn that I am using is a variegated chocolate and turquoise superwash merino form Fyberspates and it's incredible to knit with.

The scarf that I am knitting is a project to help me whilst I am taking medication for depression, and it is helping me enormously, so thank you for a lovely pattern.

Your post are so good, I suggest that you can add some videos or something like that!

Your post are so good, I suggest that you can add some videos or something like that!

Your post are so good, I suggest that you can add some videos or something like that!

Might have to have a go at this for this fall. Perfect scarf time. Everyone says winter, but I think you can start during the autumn months for sure.

This is lovely! I really like your blog, you have a talent with photography (and, of course, an adorable little subject!!)

To: Crafty Goodness ...... Thank you for this wonderful pattern......

I have only been knitting about 5-6 months, so this is the first tedious pattern that I've attempted. I have completed 8 different patterns, making dishcloths and I've also completed a Baby Afghan and 2 purses that are completed by Felting.

I have about 16 inches of this scarf completed and it is coming out just BEAUTIFUL......

I am knitting it in 'Malabrigo' which is 51%Silk & 49% Merino wool...
in a icy blue color called 'celeste'.
I'd say that this yarn is similar to a DK weight

I am using 4.5mm needles & the scarf is about 7 1/4 inches wide.

I can see where I will use this 'Feather 'n Fan' pattern a lot as it is easy & really nice looking.

Thank you so very, very much.

Carol in Cocoa Beach, Florida, USA

What a beautiful scarf! Thanks for the pattern!

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