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January 26, 2009


O.M.G...I'm a Polaroid emulsion junkie who made the conscious decision not to stock up on Polaroid film before it became scarce. A new toy for me! Thanks!!! :)

Sarah M:

Great news, Polaroid is no longer in danger of becoming scarce!

Film IS still out there, at affordable pricing through sites like Adesso Albums, who continues to offer Polaroid 600 film at discounted pricing (buy two; get a third for free).

Additionally, The Impossible Project which consists of a group of ex-Polaroid chemists and manufacturing specialists, announced its plans to re-invent Polaroid’s instant photography under a new brand, Impossible b.v., with hopes of making the new and improved film available in early 2010.

Thanks to The Impossible Project and Adesso Albums, there will likely be NO interruption in availability of Polaroid film!

personalized viewmasters have got to be the coolest thing ive ever heard of! how does he make them?

btw, i'm a photography major, and lots of students still prefer film to digital

now that's good news!

Thanks, Lauri, we knew about the 600 film availability, and if The Impossible Project manages to release some authentic SX-70 film, we'll be first in line to buy a carton. The most fun we've had photographically is taking SX-70 photos and sitting there with knitting needles and burnishing tools, smearing the images and creating unique painterly images in the few minutes before the inks set. We've really got to get them up on flickr at some point...

I really wish we'd stocked up on SX-70 film, but by the time we found out, it was too late to find any.

Amanda, making personal Viewmaster reels is costly and finicky, but so worth it. While there are a couple companies who will make them for you, the best way is with a vintage 1950s two-lensed Viewmaster camera and some readily-available slide film. And a vintage Viewmaster film cutter. And blank reels that you can insert the cut slides into. Because none of these have been produced for several decades, eBay is the source of choice. While the equipment will set you back many hundreds of dollars, it's worth it to be the only one on your block (and perhaps in your city) who's capable of making their own custom reels.

And like Lisa said, we have lovely 3D images of our wedding, and how many people can say that?

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