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February 19, 2009


Sounds like fun! I have a store similar to that in my area, and my David usually brings a book and reads in the car!
I love Vancouver,and would love to visit again as an adult. I have been there twice,but as a kid. My dad has a very good friend that lives in Saltspring sp? My dad is originally from Ontario,but now lives in the U.S.

ANYWAY....Have a fun time and I can't wait to see the pictures :)

Are you a chocolately person? Because if you are, you really have to go to the chocolate buffet at the Sutton Place Hotel downtown. Completely decandent but oh so worth it for the chocoholics. I love Dressew. There's a great button place in that area as well that I can't remember the name of right now. Sounds like a fun time.

Hey great, I'm a Vancouverite!

If you want yarn, Main Street is the place to go. (Also a lot of vintage, indie designer, antique stores) There's even a Sunday knit meet up not far from the two great yarn stores there. Let me know if you're interested! Three Bags Full on Main between 28th and 29th, East side of the Street and Birkland Brothers on Main at about 18th, west side of the street.

Textile Clearance House on Fraser and 41st is another place with great discount prices for fabric.

Stanely Park and /or the beach is a must! If you have the time!

Siew, yes, we are chocolately people. And I'm a fan of both buffets AND dessert, so for a few years now, I've wanted to time a visit to Vancouver so we could visit the Sutton Place chocolate buffet. As we were only staying a couple blocks away and had no commitments Saturday night, it would have been a natural. But, for a couple reasons, we decided to leave it for next time. I hope there's a next time soon. . .

Becky - Thanks for the tip about Birkeland Brothers and Three Bags Full - great stores! I'm a bit spoiled by living near the greatest yarn store I've ever seen (The Beehive in Victoria), but it's always great to add to my stash in new stores!

Siew - the chocolate buffet is definitely on our list for another time.

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