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February 16, 2009


I've stumbled upon our blog and found it to be a delight! I tried your squirrel papercut from last year in fleece - I need much sharper cutting instruments - but am going to retry it and take it more slowly. Good luck with your gardening.

what a darling blog you have.

I just discovered your blog and I love it, your style, your writing, everything! And, no I wasn't one of the 7 thousand that showed up for your beautiful valentine. Seven thousand, that's amazing. Good for you!
Now back to your archives...

I stumbled onto your blog through Doe c doe's blog,and had a lot of fun reading all your older posts. I love your blog!

I'm real sad about all the magazines folding, like Domino,Home Companion,and Country Home. I have such a magazine addiction, that I hope my other favorites don't go away :(

Hi, new to you. I can't believe how many magazines are dying. I'm going to need to go to a support group for addicts. So sad.
Your blog looks great.

I haven't even been able to really enjoy the last issue of Craft. I'm just too sad...

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