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March 09, 2009


AMEN! The snow right now is ridiculous. I live 169 miles from you in Chehalis, WA and am experiencing the very same snow irregularities. I want spring to come so very, very much. Sunshine and warmth is all I can think about.

Your beautiful photos of the Butterfly Gardens have made my week! How absolutely happy they make me. So pretty and warm and colorful looking. Happy, happy anniversary.

Denise Leavens
aka The Nana Beast

Your pictures are wonderful as always. It too made me feel like Mexico.

Once again, happy anniversary. Beautiful photographs!

I think a visit to Victoria is a must, not just because we have family there, or that we live right down the ferry route in WA state, but because of the butta-pies! {young child word in our family} Thank You for sharing!

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