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March 02, 2009


Well I understand the need for trim. Love that yellow, blue and red!

I"m a sewer big time, so all of that looks great to me!!

When I moved to Vancouver a friend told me to check out Dress sew it is just as you describe I need to go back soon Thanks for the reminder

I started looking at your blog when you had the very cute squirrel paper cut Valentine featured on Craft Zine.

Anyway, I live in Portland, Oregon and I took a weekend trip to Vancouver, BC this past weekend and stumbled upon Dressew completely randomly. That is the biggest fabric store I've ever seen. The zipper selection was amazing!

I ended up purchasing some striped wool for a chevron skirt to wear to work (I work at a big arts and crafts company in Vancouver, WA) and a winged Viking hat which is totally necessary to wear as much as possible. I didn't even have a chance to look at the trim. I guess that means that I'll have to return to Vancouver, BC!

Kate! I must see the winged Viking hat!!!

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