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May 15, 2009


Wow, I just bought myself one of these last weekend, but I had never seen it before then. I agree it is just stunning. I got some white bleeding hearts and trillium to go with it in an as-yet-undug new garden on the north side of my house. But I wonder if the others are too aggressive for the trillium? Have you found your Solomon's Seal to be aggressive?

For the first two years it didn't really do anything at all, but this year it has tripled in size, which I'm really happy about, but that might be too much for you. The individual stalks are quite widely spaced though and I have it under planted with oxalis oregana (redwood sorrel). Sorrel is a very tough plant so the two seem to be co-existing very nicely and the Solomon's Seal poking up from the mounds of sorrel looks really nice. I suspect trilliums are more delicate, so I'm not sure how the relationship will work out. With a couple of years to get established though they might do just fine.

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