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June 22, 2009


OMG!!! She is soooooo cute!!! I need kitties!!!!!!! I second your thoughts and hope that she has all of those things. Every kitty should have a loving home and an adoring companion!!

Oh, what a lovely thing to share. :) A friend of mine rescued some kitties and their mommy, and she sent me pictures of them. I knew right away which one would be our's, just by the look on his face. Normally, I wouldn't dare make such a hasty decision, but I just KNEW he was it. Turns out, he fits in like he always belonged here, after all. His name is Oliver "Mongo" James.

Whoot to the White Stripes (I'm from Detroit too). :) Little Acorn is such a crazy good song (if you'd call it that). Good story...

sweet photo of a sweet kitty - bittersweet story - thanks for sharing

Ok that's a pretty sad story but the happy ending is I do have the sweetest cat in the end. Belle is everything you describe and well you know Oscar. No wonder he gets along with David so well as David likes the crazier cats and maybe Oscar knows that.

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