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June 15, 2009


please tell the no proposal story, please, please.

Isn't it great when your garden starts to come together.

Love things that have special memories attached. Beautiful bouquet, I can even ALMOST smell it! And I add my pleas for the no proposal story, too.

Gorgeous peonies!One of my very favorite flowers. I just got back from Paris, where it rained three out of the four days we were there,and I mean down pour rain!
I'll be posting on it soon, but we were in France and England for 17 days total, Paris was the last destination.
There are many things I too would like to pilfer from Paris :)

Nooooooo, David won't let me tell the no-proposal-in-Paris story. Let's just say he has regrets...

I love this post. It is so romantic and the pictures it conjures up in my mind are wonderful. Oh and the peonies are beautiful, roses and peonies - my fav's.

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