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August 07, 2009


OH MY GOD! Did you steal that from my childhood? What a great flashback :-)

Wow....I love this toy and so do babies. It looks in really great shape and your little one will LOVE it. As for rotary phones what child doesn't love to stick their fingers in holes.
You did eventually get a light bright tho. :)

I definitely agree! I remember when my nephew was a baby and by accident I walked/bumped into one of his really annoying fire trucks that started to wail. It nearly woke him up (after it taking him FOREVER to fall asleep). Toys should have more value than automatic gratification. That's what I think. Oh and I had one of these Fisher Price toys too...good memories!

OMG! I totally remember this in my little sister's crib....although I'm sure it was in mine before that. Great memories!

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