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July 21, 2009


I too am a children's book lover! My mom was a children's librarian as I was growing up and I remember this illustrator as well! Another good one (if your child will be young) is anything by Helen Oxenbury. I LOVE her illustrations! I've been silently following your blog for a while and just wanted to say congratulations on your expectant arrival. I am expecting my first this summer and he will be of mixed decent (half Filipino) so I will be on the look out for books that represent him as well.

You are a woman after my own heart. Oh What a Busy Day, and ALL Fujikawa books have been favorites in our family since they came out. My mother bought several for herself when my sister and I left home...taking our Fujikawa books with us. I bought them for my children and now my grandsons are loving them. I second the Helen Oxenbury comment. My daughters loved her books. How much fun is getting ready for a little one? A TON of fun!

Thanks so much for the Helen Oxenbury recommendation! I've added a couple of her books to my Amazon wish list. It's growing by the day!

We have some Helen Oxenbury from an Aunt that are big favorites with my two. Oh What a Busy Day looks right up their alley too.
I have been known to drop whatever I'm doing to read upon request to my kids, even the 9yo. It's the BEST gift you can give them and yourself.

Okay these pictures are KILLING! I'm off to discover a new illustrator ... toodles!

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