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July 09, 2009


So very, very happy for you. Blessings for you all. Can't wait to see all your preparations!

Congratulations on going public with this momentous news that a few of us have been lucky enough to know about for a while.

Knowing both of you as well as I do I am absolutely certain that Baby Roberts will be growing up in a very loving and cool home.

All my and Joanne's love, and best (now public) wishes!

Congratulations! What a wonderful adventure!

Well how AWESOME AWESOME is THIS?!? I am absolutely thrilled for you. Is there anything better? Much love to you two from me as you go through the next crazy wonderful steps that follow.


I've enjoyed your blog for awhile but never commented (I don't think...), but I just have to say congratulations. I hope it's a smooth and swift process, and that you will have your "small person" (cute tag) home with you soon.

I'm thrilled that your journey is now at the stage where you feel comfortable announcing to the world. I'm so excited for you and anxiously await updates. My love to you both.

It's a good feeling to tell people and get such happy responses. Thanks!

You guys know how I feel....proud, impatient, excited, etc. etc. etc.
I know that our family has plenty of love to give this little one.
love you

Congratulations! What a great blessing! I hope the rest of this process goes smoothly for you both and that your little one is soon with you both! Congrats!I


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