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September 21, 2009


I have to laugh. I'm expierencing the same thing at my house. I'm quilting a decorative wall quilt for my mother's birthday (I have only 5 days to finish, gulp!) and 2 of our 3 cats are "helping" all they can! Musette has a BEAUTIFUL face. I want to kiss it!

Haha thats why I only tackle small projects. I covered my yarn basket in an old towel because I suspected it would be a prime sleeping spot. And it is suspiciously flat looking now. You know its their house, they only let you live there.

Oh beautiful as ever!

I miss having a kitty :(

I have two kitties and I have to agree with you that that's what cats tend to do, without you really knowing. Especially to black clothing. They seem to be magnetically atracted to black clothing, so every time you take a piece of black clothing from your cubpoard (whether or not you ran it straight from the ironing board into your draw) you find at least 100 hairs sticking to your shirt. Argh, although i love kitties, they can be slightly annoying in that fact! TIP: use a lint roller to get the cat hairs off! (that's what I do!)

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