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October 22, 2009


I've never tried this but it sounds like a simple silk screening solution. I do know, however, that this technique is not meant to be for multicolor projects. Good luck.

cafe press will put anything on a shirt.

Good luck and congratulations!

Great image! Those are my colours for sure.

I've had success with the dark colour iron-on transfer thing. But it will fade and crack eventually...

Well, I am not an expert about tee printing but I think that if you want professional results you'd better go to a professional to do it. It is not really expensive and you can find really good bargains over there. I used to have a printer which prints in tees, but the ink was more expensive than the cost of making a tee in some online sites, not to mention the hassle of doing them.

i think freezer paper stencil might be your best bet to make it yourself. although, the type might be a bit fiddly.
good luck and congratulations!

What about the fabric panels that you can run through an inkjet? Print it to that and then applique(sp?) onto a onsie/tshirt?

Good luck! You're asking the very question I have. Those inkjet iron on things just aren't the answer, I know that - sigh.

felt applique? embroidered words...

When I wanted to make a word intensive onesie as a baby gift I tried photocopy transfer and freezer paper stencil. I could have done a photo emulsion screenprint, but just didn't get it done in time. Finally I sent it off to Cafepress. It was cheap ($12 maybe?), took less than 10 minutes and they did a great job. Sometimes getting it done well (and *done*)is more important than doing it yourself. And I totally understand why you need Lam and David to have that shirt. Cafepress has some copyright stipulations, but with your image being so old, it might not matter at all.

I love the image, by the way.

Thanks for understanding the importance of this shirt. While we are concerned about copyright issues, the image is almost 40 years old, so the Alberta Hog Producers Board probably won't be too vigilant in protecting their copyright. . .

Know Your Pork!

Thanks for all the great suggestions. I knew you guys would know what to do! I think we're going to go with Cafe Press and have them make us some matching Daddy/daughter shirts. You'll get photos, of course!

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