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October 29, 2009


The colors in the Crib Blanket squares are gorgeous!
My oldest WIP is a cross-stitched Monopoly board, the same size as the actual game. I started it when I was ... 15. I'm 39 now. Likelihood of finishing? heh.

Oh I love this post. Don't be discouraged, just think of all the wonderful things you've started! Can i vote for the floor play quilt to be finished first? I love the fabrics you've chosen there. I have faith you'll be able to finish them all, in time!
x sara

I don't even want to face my WIPS anymore. But these are all beautiful and I think you should finish them all (except the acrylic one - yuk. That crunch is creepy) The playmat is adorable and little Miss Lam won't care if it's wonky! And where is the bootie pattern from? They look cute!

The floor quilt you must finish. The colors are too bright and cheery not to. By the time your daughter drags it around for year you won't even notice that it isn't perfect.

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