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November 09, 2009


I get so squealy and excited for you whenever I read one of your posts. The things you've made for her are beautiful and she will love them.

Aww, how exciting! Everything looks so adorable! I wish I could have been at least near as crafty as that with any of my three kids, LOL. Don't fret over the baby-proofing; a supervised baby won't need much. Those are the toddler years ahead!

Your excitement is so heartwarming, and rather contagious, and I don't even know you!

The babyproofing can be done on an as-needed basis. She won't be mobile when you bring her home, and as she grows and starts to get into things, you'll figure out how to make it safe for her.

Everything you've made for her is so beautiful!

have been reading your blog for a while now.
Good luck, Lam will be so lucky to have you as her mummy.

such cute little items you have made :) love the duvet!! How exciting to know you will be spending the first Christmas with your little girl! Take good care of yourselves and good journey.

I love all the lovely crafty things you made for baby Lam, "time is flying,like race horse passing by your window", (the VN old proverb), you will have your baby in your arms very soon.

Love the kitty and the little mouse!!! Packing for your little one is fun - we took next to nothing for us!!!!!!
Take lots of deep breaths and enjoy the ride!!

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