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November 04, 2009


Beautiful! What a lovely blanket for her to snuggle and cherish. And it looks like her room is going to be adorable! I love the blue!

I love it, what a fun mix of fabrics.

Very pretty quilt, and I love the color in it!
It looks so pretty up against the wall color too :) So excited for you both :)

The quilt is GORGEOUS! (I love hand sewing, too!)
Oh, to have your kind of motivation. Mountains could be moved.

Lam's little gift from me won't be getting to her until she comes home. I am having to design it myself. I was sure there were patterns out there of what I want to make her...

It is a lovely!! I know what you mean about finding the right bedding. I ended up finding Annie's on EBAY.
It feels great to finish projects. I still have a number to do like Annie's China memory chest, her lifebook, her "family" photo album, the list goes on and on!!! Good luck with finishing yours. Call if you need help with ANYTHING!!!

Even though I have never been to Vietnam I think of bright colors for that area so I'm glad that you finished the quilt and trimmed it in red.

Not that you may have any extra time while there maybe you will see some charming fabric that once home can be made into something special. Just a thought.

It's lovely.

gorgeous first quilt! i recently made my first quilt too! yours is just lovely!

Beautiful...all of it. What an exciting time in your life. So fun. I'm off to email you, as I'd love to follow along while you travel.


I can't wait to meet you three at the airport.

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