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November 30, 2009


this is such a sweet photo!!

anticipation - she's making me wait - isn't that a song?

wishing you all the best

I am so happy for you! A close friend who has been unable to have a child of her own was just matched with a birth mother and she should get to take her baby home just after Christmas. I know how happy and excited she is so I can only imagine your happiness. Its a Christmas of new babies this year!

LoL - To add to that, my daughter was born on Dec 24th so we celebrate her birth every year at Christmas.

Good Luck!

This picture tells it all! I love how baby Lam is looking at you, and how the three of you already look like a family!!
Best wishes, and safe return home.

I have missed so much! First CONGRATULATIONS!! Look at that smile! Enjoy your time in Korea.

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