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January 20, 2010




So sweet. I cry my heart out over any baby things these days but I'm being staunch about this hat. It does make me wish I could knit though.

This hat will look amazing on your little girl when she comes home. God bless her!

A very nice hat. I bet you would love this website, From my heart to your head. Kim makes homemade hats for babies and kids of all ages. They are adorable.

It is so sweetly adorable, I pray that the little person be reunited with you by Easter, that hat will be more lovely adorable on her head.

So, so dear. I was just telling someone today that there is something so sweet about seeing a baby wearing a hat with rabbit ears (I'm not kidding, just today - what a coinkydink!) I too, hope your girl will be wearing it soon. (It's so painful to hope, isn't it? But what else can we do? Much love to you.) looks like your dear little daughter will be wearing her pretty little hat for Easter after all...God is good!

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