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January 01, 2010


Happy New Years. I've been back here a few time to read up dates and was so saddened to hear the news. I will keep hope for you. I will.
All the best,

Aw bless you guys. You've had a hell of a year. Onwards and upwards - 2010 will be bigger and better than you ever imagined! Happy New Year Little Acorn, I've really enjoyed reading your blog over the past few years, and obviously with immense sadness regarding recent events, but your strength and goodness keep me coming back. Thank you for your words. I look forward to reading more in 2010.
x Sara

Here's to a wonderful 2010 where we can watch our daughters together!!!!! Can't wait for you to go back and bring that bundle of joy home... as always, you are in our thoughts.
Oh and I was going to send over another care package, but I guess it should be healthy this time... hmnnn have to think about this one...

Happy New Year to you, one more day closer to bring your little person home, I am glad that you are able to keep yourself busy with crafting, and can not wait to see Adeline in your arms forever.

wishing you all the best in 2010

Happy new year to you both and to little Adeline. 2010 will be much better :)

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