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February 10, 2010


Lisa, that little piece of embroidery is so beautiful with her name :) Fingers cross for you guys as always :)

Despite the constant setbacks, Adeline is a very lucky little girl. You will all be together one day, hopefully soon, and what a wonderful Mummy this little girl will have. Not to mention the best array of hats any child could ask for!
Prayers for you all.

Very sweet embroidery. Your family of three is on my mind everyday. I am still waiting eagerly for the happily ever after ending.

It's just beautiful. Someday she will cherish these gifts that you made for her while you waited. And she will look back at these blog posts and know just how much you cared and wanted her.

The little square is just beautiful and I'm praying that you will be able to give it to your little girl very, very soon.

This embroidery is absolutely lovely to me - sweet, simple, filled with love and beauty. I hope, like everyone, that this will be shared with Dear Little someday soon.

The taggie blanket is beautiful, that embroidery is so gorgeous and I am sure will be cherished by her one day. I so hope it happens soon for you, I truly know how much the delay stings.

Hugs - call me if you want to chat. 11
Your work is just soooo beautiful. Love it

Fingers and toes crossed - very sweet embroidery

Such beautiful things you have created for your darling little girl!

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