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March 11, 2010


I'm so glad she is finally with you. I'm wishing you the speediest of speed for your return. I bet you will all breathe a collective sigh of relief once you are able to just flop down on your own couch at home.

Congratulations!! She is beautiful.

Congrats! She is so pretty!

yippeee yipeee yipeee. my heart is so happy for you!!!! congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

great news! Congrats!!!

Congratulations, you must be thrilled.

Congratulations! I"m so glad. I'm sorry to hear about her hands. They'll be better before you know it!


Great news! Hope her burns heal lightening fast! Sending good wishes, and a safe trip home :) She looks adorable in her little outfit too!

She is lovely. What a joyful time for you and your little family.

Congratulations! She is gorgeous! Continued good thoughts sent to you and your family!

I am so happy for you. She is beautiful and I love the outfit.

This is wonderful news! I am so excited for you. Take care and have a safe trip back!

She is precious and I'm so very happy for you all. In no time you'll be home & her hands will be healed. Congratulations !!!

oh, wow...what a sweet little one. i am so happy for you guys and i don't even know you!!!! :0) YAY!!!
congratulations...over and over on to your new life together.........

So glad for you!!!

This literally brought tears of joy to my eyes! Congratulations on your beautiful blessing!!

Oh, bless her, the little darling. So happy for you three. x

She is so beautiful I can't stand it! My heart is full of gratitude - that your gift has at long last arrived!

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