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March 29, 2010


Congratulations! This is truly a happy ending story. I am very happy for you and your family.

Yeah for being home. She looks like she's just settled right into where she belongs. Congrats.

Oh, my heart is so glad for you, such a sweet and beautiful family. Three cheers for home! Hip, hip, hooray!!! You made it. She's here. Congratulations!
Love, Jenny

It's so fantastic to see her in your home! I am so happy for you all. Hope you and Adeline feel better soon.

Congratulations!!! I am just so HAPPY for you! Enjoy ALL the moments!!!


Aaaggh! She is so flippin' cute!

Sooooooo very happy for you! I hope that you all start to feel better soon, what a drag!

Whew! Huge sigh of relief...welcome home. Its good to cozy up at home even if you are sick - your body knows you two need a rest. So happy for you.

what a comforting sweet!
hoping you all get better really quick!

That photo goes in a frame and you keep it on display FOREVER. Congratulations, and welcome home.

I'm so happy for you! Hope you are both feeling better soon. That is such a pretty picture!

Sorry to hear you are sick but so happy to see that photo of Adeline playing at home where she belongs! So happy for your family! Get well soon!

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