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April 27, 2010


That is an amazing cute little doll. Wow Adeline is a lucky girl and you are lucky too to have such great online friends.
love you all

I thought I would finally break out from my "lurker" status and comment. Oddly, I am much more outgoing in person than I am online ha ha!
The pictures of Adeline chewing on her teething gnome made my heart flutter with joy! I really hope it will help her a bit while her teeth come in, it's no fun at all. Thank you so much and congratulations to you and your beautiful family!

The color of the doll is delicious, it looks so pretty next to her coloring. How sweet of Shannon.

How sweet! What a thoughtful and beautifully-made gift.

What a perfect gift for Adeline - she deserves every bit of relief that you can give her!!! It always seems so cruel to me that such little beings have to go through such discomfort.
I am so glad that you posted Shannon's link because I may have a few little people I need to buy for soon and that dolly is precious!!!!!

Thanks for sharing! I too went to her site and made the teething doll a "favorite" I have THREE new neices/nephews coming in the next 6 months and those dolls are awesome! It looks like Adeline is adoring hers ;)

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