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April 03, 2010


Happy Easter to you and your little tropical bunny, so awesome to see that hat on Adeline, and realized that your dream has come true, and she is really home, and celebrating her 1st Easter.

oh, it's so great to see that hat on her. gotta love the pouty bunny face.

That's the photo I have been waiting to see. I love that hat, and to see little flossy in it is just wonderful. Easter Blessings to you all.

Happy Easter to you and your delightful family - have been meaning to send my well wishes sooner to you all. So glad you're all home safe and very glad you've found a way to help her sleep - ingenious really!

she is gorgeous congratulations on your wee daughter!!!!! that hat is just so cute ; }

Happy Easter Lisa, David, and Adeline!

I'm so happy to see Adeline in her bunny hat. I've been excited to see this picture ever since you first showed us the hat! Pure bunny love!

On a side note, I also had to keep the heat up in B's room when I first brought him home, because he had gotten used to the warmth of the NICU room. I turned the heat in his room down a little bit each week until eventually it was at a normal temperature, and the gradual decline was easier for him to become accustomed to. Maybe you might try this with Adeline so you guys will eventually be able to spend time in her room without melting. ;)


That photo is so precious! It is the one I have been waiting for too. I am so happy for you. Happy Easter!

:) :) :) Three big smiles from us after seeing Adeline's photo in the little hat!!! So glad you have figured out the trick to sleeping - makes life SOOOO much better.

She looks exactly like a little baby doll sitting there. Just so quiet and with a perfect "baby doll" beautiful! :0)

That's amazing about her loving the heat. I never would've thought of that...amazing! She'll acclimate eventually.(hopefully)

so adorable!

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