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April 26, 2010


So much has happened in the last month! I'm so glad you are together as a family now.

I think sometimes in the moment we suppress anger in order to cope. It makes sense to me that it's showing up now that you've had some time to relax and process. It's completely unjust that you were separated from your daughter for so long. It's even more unfair that she has lasting physical scars due to that separation. It will are doing the right thing to let yourself feel it.

You are going through the anger process,which is totally understandable,and will fade away with time,as seeing how well Adeline is growing,changing, love the pictures of her with Mama and Daddy, she is so adorable, such a bundle of joy and cuteness. I hope you are able to do a few 38 minutes chores per day...

She is just the most adorable little one!!!! I think Adeline and Noah are very close in age- Noah was born Aug 19th.
You have every right to be angry about what happened when Adeline was taken away from you and at this point you need to deal with those emotions. It was very wrong what happened and I'm sure traumatizing to all of you on many levels.
I think the best way to deal with that anger is to honour it and talk about it as much as you can with those that you love and trust (and on your blog). Get those feelings out in the open and allow yourself to feel angry. Slowly it will subside and you will be able to let it go.

Thank you so much for sharing (everything!) I can't describe how incredible I feel when I read about the joy you three are experiencing together - and your pictures are soooo beautiful. I am happy to be one of the many that lets you share your anger and release it and eventually I hope, it will not hurt anymore. One positive thing from it is that you cherish every moment and milestone as they are even more so precious to you now. What fortunate girl to have a Mommy who loves her so much!

I am really not one to dote on baby pictures, but seriously, I think Adeline is one of the cutest babies EVER! Her face is SO is a riot :)

Anger has a tricky way of coming out even if we don't necessarily "feel" a tummy ache, muscle pain, it is SO good that you are feeling it, expressing it, and I am confidant you will eventually be able to move on with peace in hour heart. I remember feeling so upset when I read your post that I can't imagine the level of grief and trauma you actually had to live through. It will take time to heal those wounds as you are grieving the time you lost with your daughter....but you will heal.....and I am sure Adeline will help you so much through that process ;)

Aww, I love how she has filled out, and she looks so happy.
I think you need to feel sad and mad, but don't let it define the experience too much. As the months go by, there will be such fun to be had.
When you wrote about her getting burned, I was mad, and thought, IF she had gone home with you, she would have never gotten those adorable little hands burned. We just can't dwell on it too much though, because that negative energy should be left behind.
I'm sure you will work through it, and it will be nothing but a sad memory.
Just think about when she starts to walk, and say words, and all those firsts.
I was crushed for you guys when you had to go home, with no details, but she was always meant to be your daughter, and her little path made it back to you both.
Best wishes in the months and years to come. Let the good times roll!!! :)

Lisa, you should print that second picture and frame it!! Love how wispy her hair looks.

Ooh I can see her two little teeth! She is so precious.

After such a long time of trying to keep yourself calm and steady, it's only natural to feel angry. You need to feel it, and let it out. You have every right to be angry! But you have so much to be happy for now. Your little family has so much to look forward to and so many milestones to conquer, and many more adventures await! I can hardly believe it has been a month since you arrived home. Adeline even looks bigger and healthier now. Her cheeks are so rosy and squishable!

Keeping all of you in my prayers.


Happy 1 month! Love the photos of your happy family! 9 months is the best time to take photos - they are most cooperative!

Just read the rest of your posting - so sorry that your family had to go through what you did and thanks for your honesty. I was so sad for you too when you shared with us what you could these last few months. I know no words can take away the pain but praying for peace and happiness for your lovely family always!

Becoming a Mother heightens every emotion. You were being the perfect Mum when you left her by controlling your anger and only feeling sadness. You will work through this. I suppose you have to feel it, and acknowledge it before you can let it go. On the brighter side...WOW, hasn't your little girl grown? She is beautiful...and I love all the hats.
Love and prayers to you all.

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