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July 14, 2010


You are wise to keep the party simple. You will feel less frazzled and actually enjoy the day!

Being a stay-home mom keeps you busy non-stop, doesn't it? I, too, was surprised by how little I was able to accomplish in a day, and even now that my children are 10 and almost-13, it still feels that way a lot of the time. I am still surprised by how much time I spend in the kitchen every single day.

Happy Birthday, big girl! How exciting. For our daughter's first birthday, we had a simple get-together at a local park, and we brought lemonade and watermelon, and a bunch of plain vanilla cupcakes. Easy-peasy! Focus on having fun; that's what's important. :)

The first birthday is for the parents, NOBODY remembers their own first birthday party. So don't give a thought to those fools who spend a fortune and hours of energy on a day thats more about her first year of life than anything. But make sure you wrap those presents in crinkly noisy paper, babies usually seem to like the paper more than the presents.
And I don't even have kids and I feel like I spend my life chained to the sink washing ever increasing piles of dishes.

You are doing what is right for you and your family. Period. Every family is different. Don't compare yourself to others - which is advice that I wish I could give to every first time mom. It wastes valuable time that could be spent doing something a lot more fun and rewarding!

You've got all the important elements for the perfect 1st birthday: Baby? check. Cake? check. Most important-Love? check, check & double check. Have a wonderful day with your sweet babygirl!

Reading your daily chores, I am exhausted already, just keep the 1st BD simple, it is more of a celebration for the parents, as long as you have cake with candle, some simple gifts in colorfull wrappings, and some items, such as a book, pen,a music instrument, architec, engineer, doctor, cookingchef things, see which she will choose, to guess what her future carrer will be, based on Asian belief.

I think that you guys went though so much to get you sweet daughter, home, that I think you should just do YOUR best, not what other over achieving people do. Do what is right for your family and enjoy the day. It will be special no matter what.

Most people who plan elaborate parties, had more time to work up to it perhaps? For both of my daughter's first birthdays, it was only us and one grandparent. For my second daughter, it was just us four.

Have fun!! Can't wait to see all the pictures :)

the first, second, sometimes the third birthday isn´t very important for children. on the contrary - they´re wondering what´s going on this day.

really important birthdays started when they become five or six. when a lots of cute, nice and completely out of hand fiveyearolds get cracking ;-) THEN you need a theme. and maybe just some help :o)collect your engergy for THIS parties. ;o)

have a wonderful nice enjoyful and really familiar first birthday.
lovley wishes

by the way: the handsewed birthday dress gets dirty in the time of less than two minutes, after the extraordinary themecake is on the plate.

ehm... save i meant.
save your energy for this birthdays. ;o)
when they love to be the birthday princess.

Big birthday parties are seriously overrated. They wont remember, period. A nice, calming party is a much better way to go!
I love your schedule, too. It is so much easier to plan your day around a schedule.

When it comes to first birthday parties, the simpler the better. Adeline will enjoy hanging out with family and friends and of course if she is anything like my little cousin (who celebrates her first birthday on Saturday), she will be quite entertained by wrapping paper and gift bags with tissue paper in them. And cake!

I'm looking forward to the face-full-of-cake photo! That one is obligatory for all babies, in my opinion. That, and the first chocolate Easter bunny photo. ;)

Eventually Adeline will require less activity (or not), but I'm happy for you and David that you are enjoying your little girl and making the most of your time with her.

I still can't get over the fact that Adeline "lets" you read for 1/2 a day... what I wouldn't give for that...

I wasn't able to give Oskar a theme until he turned five and Brandalyn because she's born January 1 I fear may never get one because most people are away on vacation and no one would come. The most important thing is that children feel loved and cared for and I know you are doing that for your daughter so CHEERS to you!!!!!

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