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July 10, 2010


Adorable! I love the "pool"!

Our girl sure looks like she is having some big fun. I love her teeth showing in that big smile.

She looks like she is having a blast in her little pool :) So far, we have been spared a heat wave, and it has been on the cool side for where we live.
I feel for those that don't normally get hot weather.
I was living in Paris at the time of their unusual heat wave back in 2003. Thousands died in the city, because of no AC or knowledge in dealing with the heat.
Stay cool, and hope you get a break in the weather soon!

I do hate the summer heat, just like you, I heart the late fall, winter, and early spring, love the cold, solitude winter times, with either nice delicous hot soup, or coffee, louging under a soft blanket, with a good book for leisure reading...Adeline seems to love the heat, so she will be a happy summer baby, the turquois blue color suits her very well....

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