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August 13, 2010


Pepper, that is sickeningly cute even to think of her saying it!

Those are a lot of words for her age! Good for her :) Both my daughters talked really early, and I'm never get use to little ones that aren't chattering away by at least 18 months. Lately I have been around friends kids that are two and don't talk very much. I sometimes have to pull out my girls baby books to see if I wasn't imagining things with their vocabulary.
Sounds like Adeline will be stringing those words into sentences in no time!!

Hey, don't feel guilty about not posting often -- time with your family vs. time on the computer -- no contest! My 2 oldest are 25 and 23 (adopted when infants), and my younger (surprise pregnancies) ones are 17 and 13. I treasure the time we have had as a homeschooling family and it all goes by so fast!! Even when my youngest was a baby it was still before all this blogging/facebook and all of that was much around to pull one away from the family. It's too easy to get caught up in "recording" moments but not being "in" the moment.

As to hot -- it's 104 here today (southeast US) and my garden has burnt up from all this heat (I did pick 4 okra pods this morning).


How cute Adeline is in her ruffle skirt, and she has changed so, so much in 5 months, I would not be surprised if she 's able to read before turns two. I love the cool weather, and currently in Northern California, we are expriencing the high 80F., it is hot for me.

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