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August 26, 2010


She looks so cute with this little tiny haircut. Though she looks really cute with the clips. Probably she will get back to them.

Oh my goodness that looks cute!!! Now you have an option for doo- dads or no doo-dads.

Adorable! She does look grown up but it sure does show off her beautiful eyes!

Busy girls have no time for hair clips.
:-). She is beautiful.

Now with no more hair covers her eyes, she can see the world better, and observe what her parents are up to....looks as if she likes her haircut too, she does look more like a darling little todler, than a baby.

Oh, yes...every time I cut their hair for the first time, they suddenly look grown up! What is up with that!? I always miss the "baby curls" or that babyish look that long hair in the eyes always evokes. Your baby is growing up!

Oh! So cute and looking so grown up! Her hair looks much easier to manage now though. What a cutie.

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