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August 27, 2010


LOL poor David, feeling a little neglected. It's lovely to read that Adeline has finally learnt that you are her forever family and she can feel safe :-)

For the record, Lisa, that comment was meant as a reminder to myself as well as to you. Always a good thing for couples with young children to keep in mind!

Now baby is smiling, and happy, it is Daddy's turn to get some loving attentions.

She is growing into a darling toddler and you all seem so happy. This is a lovely post. :)

David, you are so right!!! It is difficult though.
Adeline is thriving with you guys and it is so apparent that she is bonding and attaching so very well. There are regressions though. Annie thought Daddy left me at Butchart Gardens the other day and lost her mind!!!!

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