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November 04, 2010


I would really love to hear the story on how they stole your recipe! They are big time on my list, because they changed their format so much, that I think they ruined the look of the magazine. It use to be such eye candy, and I loved the May issue, where they show cased a country and their cuisine. Now the photos are not at all appealing to me. I switched to Fine Cooking.

David did a great job with the bark though. I love making bark like that. I have a christmas one that I do.

Oh, my goodness, looking at that giant candybar, gave me a toothache, that is just too sweet, so what recipe did they steal from you?, David shoud send that picture to his favorite magazine, it will be very suitable front page picture for their next Halloween magazine.

For the record, my beef is not with the editors of Bon Appetit, it's with the authors of a particular article in the April 2010 issue. The recipe and accompanying illustration bear a great resemblance to Lisa's "Adult Pop Tarts" of August, 2009.

I shall compile all the evidence some time and let Lisa's dear readers make up their own minds!

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