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November 20, 2010


Is it wrong to laugh at a crying baby? Probably but I love that tinsel one. She clearly is NOT digging the tinsel. I'm sure next year when she's old enough to understand what it's all about she'll love it!

The real question is whether it was wrong of me to keep taking pictures once the poor thing was crying. I just kept thinking that David would be able to convince her that she was having fun...

Well, Jenna joined in on the less-than-festive and joyful approach to Christmas today... we saw Santa at the mall and she was so excited - from afar! I told her we had to go get Daddy and then we could see Santa. As soon as she saw Daddy, she said "ho ho" and pointed back to Santa. She was excited the whole time we stood in line, pointing and say "ho ho", but then suddenly when it was our turn and we stepped into the magical house of Santa, her tears came and she was holding on tight! I don't think we'll have a Santa photo this year... sniff, sniff.

Even the crying ones are cute, really they are!!! We have Annie's from last year and they are so sweet. This year, she understands that Santa gives candy so she is right in there. Well, not quite but we won't have to stalk Santa at the mall like we did last year!!! Annie might stand beside him!
Lisa, you guys are hilarious!!! I just keep thinking how much better this year will be for you guys and smiling!!!!!!!

Sigh...what a beautiful girl, even when she's crying. Christmas will be magical for you even if she doesn't 'get it' because you have received the best gift of all this year!

Ok I know that isn't the shot you were hoping for but I would send it anyway cause it is just too cute (made me chuckle)and hey maybe some people feel that way about Christmas. Well not me but some people.
love you all

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