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December 17, 2010


Funnily enough my Dave has come down with The Plague (a wee chesty cough) and is complaining long and loud.

Oh no... so sorry to hear of the illness in your house. Hope that Daddy and little Miss Adeline are both feeling better soon and that Mommy is able to fend off the yuckies!

christmas in bed? opening presents in bed? eating yummy food in bed? hmmmmmm I think you want to start a new tradition in your lovely home... ;)
sending you the best wishes... get well soon, sweety

Get better soon!!! We have had our share too - it is not fun.
Thinking of you guys.

Thinking of you and hoping that your absence from your blog is only because you have been so occupied with celebrating the season! Hope you are all feeling well... Hugs to you all!

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