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January 27, 2011


Happy year-and-a-half birthday, Adeline!

I love your little monthly summaries. They are so sweet, and bring back lots of memories for me of when my children were small. I adore that last photo of Adeline with her friend, having a snack. There is something about toddlers eating food that maks me so happy.

ummm, Ben is still actively teething at 31 months. 2 more 2 year molars to go. sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

I love your updates too. It's so fun to see how Adeline is growing up. She looks incredibly happy -- she's one lucky girl to have you and David as parents. I agree with the above poster -- these pictures bring back such fond memories of when my children were little. Take care of each other.

Oh B... I KNOW she won't be done once these last 2 teeth are in, but she's nowhere near 2 so maybe we'll just get a break for awhile before those two year molars starts giving her trouble?

Glad everyone enjoys the updates! I love writing them and having them to look back on.

Oh those snoodly noses!!! Playgroups and playdates are so fun. Glad to hear that Adeline is enjoying them. Hope you are too!!!!

Hello! I was searching for a pink ao dai and it took me to your blog. Can you tell me where you purchased the pink ao dai?


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